Fabric Belts

Handmade in small runs of 10-15 belts, in continually changing patterns, Brooks Belts are distinctive pieces, not mass produced. Preshrunk fabric is sewn over polyester webbing that adds sturdiness and structure and prevents slippage through the buckle. These belts are easy care and can be spot cleaned or machine washed and line dried without warping or shrinkage. Custom orders are available for unusual sizes or specific colors/patterns. From bold graphics to classic prints, Brooks Belts are a polished accent for any outfit.


Elastic Belts

Custom sewn to your waist size, Brooks elastic belts feature both versatile solids and statement prints with a comfortable stretch fit, finished with an equestrian bit style buckle. Contact me for barn or team orders or specific color requests.


Custom Orders

Looking for a specific pattern or color? Have a belt idea you don’t see here? Please contact me for a custom order. I have many fabrics on hand, and access to countless others. I would be happy to create something unique for you.